9th & 10th SEPT 2023: 10am-6pm at Pump Room Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 4AA

Royal Leamington Spa
Food & Drink Festival
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Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2023

10.00am – 6.00pm | Pump Room Gardens

2023 Booking Applications are now Closed

For further information please email to alison@bidleamington.com.

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FESTIVAL DATES Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2023

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September -10am to 6pm

It is understood that in signing for and purchasing exhibitor space at the Leamington Food and Drink Festival that the festival rules and conditions will be adhered to. The Leamington Food and Drink Festival is organised by BID Leamington Ltd.

These Terms and Conditions represent the entire understanding and agreement between you and us and shall have priority over any and all prior statements, understandings or agreements whether oral or in writing.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.


The Event Organisers, whose decision is final, will consider all applications for bookings. If spaces are available after the closing date other applications will be considered from exhibitors offering a specialist product not represented by one of our Town Centre or local businesses.

Please make sure you check your forms carefully before signing and returning to ensure all information regarding your application has been accounted for and is being submitted, as it will not be possible to process the booking without this.
If any of the documents expire before the event, please ensure that you forward the current information as soon as possible.
A £100.00 non-refundable deposit is required upon our acceptance, and confirmation of application and receipt of an invoice. No application can be processed further without this.

Full payment is due no later than 30th June 2023. After this date the Event Organisers reserve the right to re-let the space.
We regret that exhibitors are not able to specify the exact location of their stand within the Pump Room Gardens. The Event Organisers reserve the right to change the site plan at their discretion.

If the event is cancelled due to government regulations a full refund would be made available. However, we regret that refunds will not be given for bookings cancelled by exhibitors. as much information as possible when completing your application.
The sub-letting of all or part of a stall by an Exhibitor is forbidden unless authorised by the Event Organisers in writing prior to the festival.

The use of radio microphones, amplification devices and music devices are strictly prohibited.


The application form must contain an accurate description of goods to be exhibited or sold. Only items of this description will be allowed. All goods sold at the festival must conform to current trading standards and other legislation.
All exhibitors are required to display prominently on their stand full contact details: Business name, postal address, phone number; it is also helpful to display email address and website address.

Leamington Food and Drink Festival is licensed to sell alcohol therefore there is no requirement to apply for an alcohol license.

Last orders on ALL sales are strictly 15 minutes before closing.

If you sell or provide alcohol on your stand you must ensure that: you uphold the current licencing conditions you uphold the Challenge 25 Policy alcohol is not served to anyone under the age of 18


The information which you give when completing your application form will be used in accordance with current the Data Protection Act 2018 (correct at the time of printing) and for the following purposes: to enable the organisation to create an electronic and paper record of your application and to enable the application to be processed. Your company’s business contact details will be viewable on the festival’s website. Other than publication of your business contact details on our website, your personal and/or business data will not be passed on to anyone else. Any information will be kept securely and will be kept no longer than necessary. For our full privacy policy please see our website or contact the office to provide a hard copy.


Bear Cleaning and Waste Management is the festival’s waste management team, who are responsible for the provision of specific waste facilities on site during the event.
All exhibitors will be notified well in advance of the current recycling/waste policy information for the event. Waste oil can be disposed of in the Dirty Water Bowser (indicated on map)

We need your customers to use the recycling bins provided, we therefore ask that you do not provide a bin by your stall and to kindly direct them to the nearest bins.

All serve-ware, including plates, trays, cups, cutlery and stirrers should be compostable eg made of wood, cardboard or paper. SINGLE USE PLASTIC (SUP) Please think about how you sell and sample your product – minimising the use of single use plastic (SUP) where possible. This should include items you use to sample your products.

Plastic straws are not permitted at this event polystyrene packaging and containers are not permitted at this event


On arrival a maximum of one hour is allocated for unloading your vehicle. It is a condition of the festival that no vehicles are to be parked on the site after 9.30am during the festival opening times.
The Event Organisers reserve the right to withdraw access at their discretion.


The dismantling of stalls is strictly prohibited until after the event has closed. Vehicle access will be allowed onto the site after 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday, at the earliest, or once the public are clear from the site.


It is important that you supply the correct information on your Application Form for the electrical items you will be bringing along. This will enable us to check/calculate your total wattage requirement before invoicing. Please note that the use of generators is not permitted. Any exhibitor found using one will be asked to stop and will be charged for an electrical supply.


The Event Organisers will provide night security from Friday 8th and Saturday 9th from 7pm, exhibitor stallholders are responsible for the safe keeping of all goods or items on their stand and are left at their own risk. The Event Organisers will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to Exhibitors’ property whilst it is on site.


All exhibitors must have in-date Public Liability Insurance cover, with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5m PRODUCT LIABILITY All exhibitors must have in-date Product Liability Insurance cover, with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5m EMPLOYERS’ LIABILITY ‘Employees’ can be deemed to include volunteers, casual/temporary workers and even self-employed persons. Any exhibitor that employs anyone, must have in-date Employers’ Liability insurance in place with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5m


All exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for the observance, by themselves and their employees of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 under which it is required to provide a completed Risk Assessment addressing all the risks associated with exhibiting at the events. The Event Organisers and the local authority inspectors will enforce these requirements, and reserve the right of inspection, before, during and after the festival. In the event of you not meeting these requirements you will not be allowed to trade until the authority inspectors and Event Organisers are happy for you to do so.


The provision of food and drink is governed by Food Safety Hygiene Regulations. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with Environmental Health Organisations regulations.

Any Director of BID Leamington Ltd or EHO officer may inspect a stall/pitch at any time to ensure the safe and hygienic operation of the site and compliance with the conditions of booking and product descriptions before, during and after the festival. Any directions given must be complied with immediately. For further information contact a member of the Food and Occupational

Safety & Health Team on 01926 456 710 or visit: http://warwickdc.gov.uk/WDC/Environment+and+planning/Food+safety/Food+hygiene+and+quality/

Packaging and labelling legislation must be followed under the Food Information Regulations. You must adhere at all times to the current Food Safety Policy and Environmental Health Food Safety Guidelines. Any food services operations found operating in contravention of these guidelines will not be permitted to commence trading or service until the guidelines can be complied with.

Please provide details of the Local Authority where registered and a current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score. No business with a score of less than FHRS 5 will be permitted to trade. A copy of your rating certificate, sticker or confirmation letter must be kept on site at all times.

Food Safety Management system (SFBB) to be available if requested by the authority inspectors. Provide confirmation of the trading name of the business, as it appears on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme site; this must be stated on the booking form.


Customers, by law, must be made aware of the contents of the dishes where ingredients might give rise to an allergic reaction (such as nuts, milk, celery, gluten, soya and wheat etc).

An Allergen Chart must be displayed at the point of service for the consumer to view.

There must be a nominated person who will handle all food allergy queries from customers.

In December 2014, the ‘Food Information for Consumers Regulation’ (EU FIC) came into force which means information on any of the 14 allergens used as ingredients in your products will need to be provided for the consumer to view.

All information on the 14 allergens and this legislation can be found at: www.food.gov.uk/science/ allergy- intolerance/label/labelling-changes

All exhibitors and vendors should work in accordance with Natasha’s Law which came into force in October 2021. This requires all food outlets to provide full ingredient lists with clear allergen labelling on Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) food. PPDS Food is food that is prepared, prepacked and offered or sold to consumers on the same premises. It can include food you select yourself (eg from a display unit) as well as products kept behind a counter, or food sold at mobile or temporary outlets.

More information can be found here: www.food.gov.uk/business-guidance/introduction-to-allergen- labelling-changes@ppds


The current legislation regarding personal hygiene requirements must be observed. o People handling food have been issued with clean and washable over-clothing/aprons, clean hairnets or suitable hat/head covering.

Fingernails are kept short and clean, no nail varnish

Cuts and other skin defects must be covered with a blue waterproof dressing o Jewellery must not be worn by staff preparing or serving food, with the exception of a simple wedding ring. o Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site whilst on duty.


All equipment, work surfaces and food contact surfaces must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Contact times for disinfectants/sanitizers must be known by all staff.
Supply and regularly use warm hand washing facilities and wear disposable gloves to limit contact. Dis-courage visitors to touching products.

Keep your stand clean and free from litter, and wipe down during and after service. Provide sneeze guards where appropriate. Hand sanitizer to be made available for use throughout the event, for you and customers. Maintain cleaning records over the event.


Exhibitors are required to maintain and retain records for the event conforming to the relevant regulations: food delivery temperatures, fridge/freezer temperature records (frozen food being stored below -18 °C and cold food stored below +8 °C, preferably below +5 °C), cooked food probe temperatures (achieve a temperature of >75°C), food standard thermometer calibration records (boiling water/ice test 100°C/0°C with a tolerance of +/- 1 °C) and cleaning records.

COSHH safety data sheets for all chemicals to be held on each outlet for use in the case of an emergency. Operating procedures must include regard to mitigate against the transmission of CoViD19

All employees must have received induction training and are also aware of the Organisers event safety rules.

All machinery used for cutting, slicing, mincing, etc should be properly guarded and all people operating such equipment should be properly trained in its use

The use of colour-coded knives and boards is required, according to convention.  Red = Raw Meat Green = Cleaned Fruits & Salad Blue – Raw Fish Yellow = Cooked Meats White = Dairy & Bakery Brown = Dirty Vegetables

Protect all food products from cross contamination.

Raw and ready to eat food products must be kept separately.


A Risk Assessment must be completed and returned as part of the exhibitor application process and to conform to health and safety regulations. Your assessment needs to identify the significant hazards that may be posed by your stand and your operations to anyone at the event, including you and your staff as well as visitors. You must endeavour to remove or reduce these risks to protect people from injury. The HSE website provides guidance and advice for completing risk assessments: www.hse.gov.uk/simple-health-safety/risk

Build onsite will not be permitted unless a suitable and sufficient risk assessment has been returned. Please note that a return stating that no risks have been identified is unacceptable. They must realistically reflect how you will set up and operate your stand.
Exhibitors should consider any possible risks brought about by their operations at the event. Safeguarding against the spread of COVID-19 must be considered and included as part of your risk assessment.

A copy of your risk assessment must be available on the stand for possible inspection by officials during the event. Should any problems arise during set up/breakdown periods and event, exhibitors should ensure that any risk to health is minimised and all necessary precautions taken.


Exhibitors must conform to precautions against fire and submit a completed Fire Risk Assessment for their operation prior to the event. Exhibitors should have an emergency fire procedure with an appropriate means of raising the alarm.
Each food operator must have the appropriate firefighting equipment in proximity to the catering area. This must be in date and have a service and maintenance record in inspection.

Exhibitors must provide at least one suitably sized, in-date, fire extinguisher on their stand, (water or foam, and/ or CO2 where electrical appliances are in use).
Staff on stands should be aware of the operating instructions of any firefighting equipment/ extinguishers provided. Storage of flammable liquids on site by exhibitors will not be allowed without prior consent.


Any exhibitor using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) must ensure gas connections and pipes have been tested and certificated by a ‘Gas Safe’ engineer annually. The certification must be available for inspection.

Installations must comply with UKLPG Code of Practice CoP24 Part 3.

The cylinders are to be disconnected/connected by competent persons only using the correct tools. “No Smoking” signs must be in place and observed.

Unless authorised in writing by your point of contact, no more than two LPG cylinders (totalling 200KG) are permitted per unit.
Storage of gas in cylinders above 1kg, on site by exhibitors, will not be allowed without prior consent. All cylinders must be stored in a secure, upright position, well-ventilated locations. All back of house areas will be secured by fencing and additional signage may be implemented where necessary.

All relevant catering equipment shall have certification to the effect that their LPG installations have been installed and have been inspected by a Gas Safety Scheme registered engineer in the 12 months preceding the event. Additionally, the catering units will provide suitable firefighting equipment and adhere to regulations as required.

They will also be required to adhere to the guidelines for the use of LPG. LPG to be used in accordance with current guidance (Event Safety Guide and Mobile Outdoor Catering Associations and the A Guide for Events)
LPG cylinders must be stored vertically on firm, level ground at least 1 metre from any structure or heat source, in the open air, with no obstructions in the vicinity to impede ventilation. Cylinders must be restrained in a suitably designed cylinder stand.

Propane cylinders must be located only in the open air and must not be used inside marquees, tents or other enclosures. Every LPG storage area should be enclosed in a lockable compound of robust wire mesh or similar to prevent them falling or being knocked over. Compounds should not be accessible by the public. Cages or surrounds made of wood or other combustible material are not acceptable.


All electrical equipment must comply with current UK regulations and must have been tested by a qualified person in the previous 12 months and display a test label.
The appliances must be of an approved type, suitable for the environment in which they are being used and guarded where applicable.

Where unsafe electrical equipment is observed by the Event Organisers’ electrician, they reserve the right to require re-testing and/or disconnect the equipment.

PAT testing is available on site at a cost of £15 per item.


Gazebo or light weight type marquee structures should be suitable of withstanding a minimum of 30mph wind. All self-build structures must be of sound construction, assembled in line with manufacturer’s instructions and must be suitably braced and anchored. o Fire-retardant information should be kept at the event and shown if requested


Hay or straw bales are not permitted on site.


There is 1 water tap available for your use within the Pump Room Gardens, indicated on the map.

Hot water is not to be disposed of directly onto the ground, as this will have a damaging effect on the grass. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage they may cause. Adequate facilities are available on the site to accommodate this.


There is limited public Wi-Fi available due to the nature of the venue.


A professional Medical Team will be on site during the opening times of the festival.

EXHIBITOR PACK ~ FINAL INFORMATION BEFORE THE EVENT Your Exhibitor Pack will be emailed to you in advance of the event; confirming your location and booking details, together with any final information required for the event. Please ensure that all members of staff attending the event have read the information in advance to familiarize themselves with what is required.