11-12 SEPT 2021: 10am-6pm at Pump Room Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 4AA

Royal Leamington Spa
Food & Drink Festival
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 Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2021
10.00am – 6.00pm | Pump Room Gardens

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    Suggested Priced Menu

    Exhibitor Stall or Space – all prices incl VAT Cost for 2 days No. Required
    Option 1 - 3m x 1m Pre Built Market Stall (incl table board & canopy) £250.00
    Option 2 - 3m x 3m exhibition space (please supply all equipment) £350.00
    Option 3 - 3m x 1m Pre Built Market Stall (selling hot food or alcohol) £500.00
    Option 4 - 3m x 3m (selling hot food) £500.00
    Option 5 - 3m x 3m (selling alcohol) £500.00
    Option 6 - 6m x 3m (selling hot food) £750.00
    Option 7 - 6m x 3m (selling alcohol) £750.00
    Option 8 - Larger pitches are subject to availability - please
    specify exact size required
    Option 9 - Additional space per m² (eg additional 1m x 3m = £150 / 2m x 3m = £300.00 etc) £50.00 per m2
    Please list ALL electrical items below – incl wattage (your application will be refused if you do not include this information) 1 x 13 amp £60.00
    Please list ALL electrical items below – incl wattage 1 x 16 amp £100.00
    The use of personal generators is not permitted – any exhibitor found using one will be asked to stop and will be charged for electric supply.
    FREE car parking at Riverside House is available to all exhibitors – please tick box if required.

    Your application will be cancelled if you do not supply all information and documentation as requested.

    FSA Food Hygiene Rating (if applicable)

    Public, Product & Employee Liability Certificates (including Policy No*)

    Health & Safety

    Fire Risk Assessment (if applicable)

    ALLERGENS, (if applicable) please tick the appropriate box below:

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    I Confirm

    I have read and agree to the terms and conditions (see below) of Booking for the 2021 Leamington Food and Drink Festival*

    If you are unable to send the form with please click the ‘Download PDF Application Form’ button, complete it and email to alison@bidleamington.com.

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    General Terms and Conditions of Booking for the 2021 Leamington Food and Drink Festival
    1. The deadline for applications is 10 April 2021, subject to availability. Applications may be accepted after this date, subject to availability, but there is no guarantee that they will be listed in the Festival publicity. BID Leamington reserve the right to refuse an application for exhibition space. We regret that exhibitors are not able to specify the exact location of their stand.
    2. The application must contain an accurate description of goods being exhibited or sold which should also conform to current trading legislation. The Festival operates a Challenge 25 policy. Auctioning, pitching, raffles or tombola stands are not permitted without written permission from BID Leamington. The use of radio microphones, amplification devices and music systems is strictly prohibited unless written permission is given.
    3. A non-refundable £100 deposit is payable once the event receives final Government confirmation that it can go ahead. This is payable upon receipt of our invoice (payable within 7 days). The remainder of the balance must be made in full by no later than 11th July 2021, failure to meet these deadlines will result in the cancellation of your booking. We regret refunds will not be given for bookings cancelled by exhibitors. No refunds will be given due to bad weather or ground conditions.
    4. There will be overnight security on both nights when the Festival is set up. The organisers carry public liability insurance in respect of their own activities ONLY. It is the responsibility of exhibitors to safeguard property. BID Leamington Ltd does not accept responsibility whatsoever for any losses. No produce or equipment can be left on stalls overnight.
    5. Stallholders are responsible for provision of fire safety equipment on their stalls. BID Leamington reserve the right of inspection by the Fire Safety Officer of all stands and equipment.
    6. Any Director of BID Leamington Ltd or EHO officer may inspect a stall at any time to ensure the safe and hygienic operation of the site and compliance with the conditions of booking and product descriptions before, during and after the Festival. Any directions given must be complied with immediately.
    7. Stall/pitch holders are asked to keep their surrounding area as clean as possible throughout the festival plus adhere to any recycling policies that are operational. Please DO NOT leave any refuse at your stall or pitch.
    8. The Food and Drink Festival is open to the public from 10am and closes at 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is a condition of the Festival’s booking of the Pump Room Gardens that no vehicles are to be parked on the Gardens after 9.00am during the Festival unless a permit has been granted by BID Leamington.
    9. Stallholders may set up on the Saturday from 7am. Please note there is a maximum time limit of 1 hour for unloading. All vehicles must be moved to the FREE Exhibitors’ car park immediately after unloading. Please arrive in good time to be fully operational at 10am on Saturday and Sunday morning. NO stall display is to be taken down before end of trading at 6pm on either Saturday or Sunday. VEHICLE ACCESS IS NOT AVAILABLE AT ANY OTHER TIME.
    10. All electrical equipment must be listed on the booking form, certified and have a current PAT certificate. A copy of this certificate must be returned with the booking form and also be made available for inspection by our electrician at the Festival. Please note that non PAT tested equipment cannot be used in any circumstances.
    11. Toilets with hand wash facilities will be available on site, as well as fresh tap water and a water bowser for the disposal of waste water.
    12. Please display price lists clearly for visitors to observe.
    13. There is a strong push towards making events greener and festivals, both large and small, have made huge strides towards reducing waste, incentivising greater sustainability and ethical sourcing. We are trying our best to make the Leamington Food & Drink Festival a greener event and would like to encourage everyone to assist us in our move towards this. Please visit www.leamingtonfoodfestival.co.uk for further details.
    14. All exhibitors must have valid public liability, product liability and employee liability insurance and a site risk assessment. Failure to produce these documents will result in immediate cancellation. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage they cause.
    15. The provision of food and drink is governed by Food Hygiene Regulations. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with Environmental Health Organisations regulations. For further information contact a member of the Food and Occupational Safety & Health Team on 01926 456 710 or visit http://warwickdc.gov.uk/WDC/Environment+and+planning/Food+safety/Food+hygiene+and+quality/

    NB It is a mandatory requirement for signage and notices to be in place at the event – failure to provide this information on the day will result in your being unable to trade!

    We regret we cannot accept any applications without a completed and signed application form and supporting documents.

    Please complete, sign and return by 10 April 2021 to:
    Alison Shaw, Leamington Food and Drink Festival, BID Leamington Ltd, 35c Park Court, Park Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4QN or email alison@bidleamington.com.

    Bid Leamington Ltd., 35c Park Court, Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN 01926 470 634

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